Antipolo Resorts – Cheap Rate Accommodation, Pictures and Map Travel Guide

antipolo swimming pools
Swimming Pool Choices in Antipolo Rizal

It’s summer! Visiting an Antipolo resort? We’ve made it an easy task with our complete list of reviews from people who’ve visited Agoda and TripAdvisor, 2 of the top travel review sites in the world. We’ve taken actual on-site experiences by real people who have been there, checked in, enjoyed the resort and hotel and have something to say so others know. This makes us here at 8 Waves as the prime destination for resort reviews all over the world from some of the best beaches to great experience in swimming pools. This time, we are up to lead you to high altitude Antipolo, the “city in the sky”.

It’s a nice day to come see this city overlooking Manila and what a great way to do that than going to any resort in Antipolo nearby. We absolutely have choices for you in our reviews on a complete list. Just choose from any of the links and pictures below. You could come from the North Philippines, South, East or West. It doesn’t matter really because some of the best options in the province is really easy to reach. It also doesn’t matter whether you have your own car to drive or you are the more summer adventurous type who would go for commute. We have just the right direction guide for the wandering you who loves to travel all the time.

antipolo resorts mapChoices for Antipolo Resorts

Speaking of choices, you definitely have many with our resort reviews. If you are the type who enjoys nature, trekking, natural waters, sea salt water swimming pool or simply wants to go visit and get taste of the fresh air in the city by the sky enjoying travel with an abundance of fresh air around and lush greenery on sight, we have it for you.

Your choice matters in order to come up with the cheapest resort accommodation and room reservation as well the “sulit” affordable entrance fees and we will deliver that right in your computer in your sight as we reveal them through our resort reviews. We have searched, researched and scoured the internet to provide you an online list that is undeniably the most complete with amenities list, rates, entrance fees, pictures, restaurants and food choices, parking space, types of water to enjoy from, map travel guide and more. All you have to do is to choose your preferred Antipolo resort based from factors of your own standard and enjoy later. Expect us to give you review from our list below. To visit, just click on any blue underlined link.

cheapest accommodation
Finding Cheap Rates with a Smile
  1. Nature Resorts in Antipolo
  2. Swimming Pool Resorts (private and public pools)
  3. Natural Water Resorts
  4. Hotels Nearby
  5. Restaurants in Antipolo
  6. Heritage Sites
  7. Old Churches
  8. Tourism Sites

Complete List of Public Private and Nature Resorts

  • 3B Resort
  • Altarocca Mountain Resort
  • Antipolo Star Resort
  • Antipolo Valley Tropical Garden
  • Batlag Falls
  • Bosay Resort
  • Boso-Boso Highlands Resort
  • Bretsch And Barrie Resort
  • Callo Spa Resort
  • Casa Ibiza
  • Cattleya Farm Resort
  • Celestial Inn Resort
  • ChillOut Pool
  • City View Private Pool
  • Cloud9 Antipolo Hotel and Resort
  • Club Serene
  • Daranak Falls
  • Deogracia’s Garden Resort
  • Femar Garden
  • Forest Hill Resort
  • Fortune Park
  • GEMS Hotel & Conference Center
  • Guillian’s Place
  • Hilltop Pools
  • Jamesville
  • Jan and Henrick’s
  • Joseph Resort
  • Ka Valing’s Sierra Madre
  • Kubling Tago
  • La Colina Resort in Antipolo
  • Las Brisas Hotel & Conference Center
  • LeBlanc
  • Lily of the Valley Resort Man
  • Loreland Farm
  • Lujeta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa
  • Marabella Palace Resort
  • Mi Terraza Resort
  • Momarco Resort
  • Overlook Resort & Conference Center
  • Paenaan Camping Farm
  • Picnic Grover Resort
  • Real Cove Resort
  • Rhodora Garden Resort
  • Sunlight Resort
  • Sunrise Resort
  • Sunrock Resort
  • Suva’s Place
  • Terra Villa Resort
  • The Masters Place Garden Resort
  • Thunderbird Resort
  • Valentino Resort and Spa
  • Vida Loca Resort
  • Villa Anunciata Resort
  • Villa Concepcion
  • Villa Cristina Hotel & Resort
  • Villa Jhoana Resort
  • Villa Mari
  • Villa Sampaguita
  • Villa Virginia Resort & Conference Center
antipolo hotels and restaurants
Find a Hotel or Eat Food in an Antipolo Restaurant to Enjoy your Summer

Hotels and Restaurants in Antipolo

Enjoy food of delectable dishes and authentic list of menu locally found, cooked and can only be tasted in the “city in the sky” – Antipolo. Apart from enjoying fresh natural waters or a favorite swimming pool, here is our list of the different hotels and restaurants of interest.


  1. Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant
  2. Bali Gulp
  3. La Travieza
  4. Calleza Grill
  5. My Pot Restaurant
  6. Niagara Hills
  7. Cafe Lupe Bed and Breakfast
  8. Crescent Moon Cafe


  1. Seven Suites Hotel
  2. Mariposa
  3. Goldstar Garden Inn
  4. Hotel Mango

Historical Old Church Relics, Tourist Spots and Pilgrimage Sites Found in Antipolo

There is an abundance of old churches and relics from the pre-war history-rich localities in the city of Antipolo. These places are also some of the most visited tourist spots. Some of them have become a travel destination for Catholics during lenten season as pilgrimage sites. Allow us to reveal them all to you for segway / sidetrip choices when you visit this beautiful paradise place not only in summer but whole year through.

  • Hinulugang Taktak
  • Pinto Art Gallery
  • St. Michael Retreat House
  • Antipolo Cathedral National Shrine
  • Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

Where to Look for Affordable Rates and Promo

I’ll be a bit straight – the best place today where you can find affordable rates and promo for any available Antipolo resort offer is via searching online. Now the only question is where specifically can you see an acceptable offer that is practical to your purse?

Well, in case you didn’t know it yet, apart from calling a prospect resort straight and asking for discount rates, you can head straight to groupon websites. Many of them features promos and discounted rates compared to the actual cost from entrance fee to room, day or overnight accommodation. What are these sites? You can start off with ensogo or head to metrodeal and these two are the best places you can find what offer you are looking for.

Apart from our list of Antipolo resorts, restaurants, old churches, relics, tourist spots, we’d like you to please note that you can also find a decent list here. Have fun!

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